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How to Use a Koala Baby Changing Station

The Koala Kare brand is the world’s most recognized name in baby changing stations. For over 25 years, Koala has striven to provide the best and most innovative childcare products.  Parents aro…

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Who Invented the Hand Dryer?

You may be surprised by the impact that the simple hand dryer has had on daily life over the last 70+ years. Today’s current examples of advanced hand dryers began with an idea that George Clemens brainstormed back in 1948. According to Clean Link, this talented inventor from Chicago, Illinois developed one of the first…

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Are hand dryers cleaner than paper towels?

Are hand dryers better than paper towels? While this might seem like a no brainer for most of us, answering this question can become quite hard once you dig a little deeper into the scientific side of it and consider what exactly clean means in terms of personal hygiene versus environmental impact. There are a…

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How Do Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers Work?

The automatic paper towel dispenser is a modern invention that offers an advanced method of dispensing paper towels. A predetermined length of paper towel is dispensed when you place your hands near t…

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Baby Changing Station FAQs

Having a baby comes with a lot of joy, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the biggest responsibilities is making sure your little one is clean, and always wearing a fresh diaper. T…

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Who Should Have Bathroom Grab Bars?

You would think the bathroom in the house would be the safest place on earth, but it’s not, it could be a very dangerous place for vulnerable people.  Bathrooms are tricky places for a lot of p…

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How to Install Bathroom Grab Bars

Protection from falls is vital in the home especially if there are older adults, or someone with a disability. A slip and fall can happen at anytime, and most of them occur in the bathroom. Providing …

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How to Open A Toilet Paper Dispenser

If you have ever been in a public restroom then you have probably noticed that a some of the toilet paper dispensers are not like the typical dispenser that you would find in a home setting. They are …

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How Much is a Commercial Soap Dispenser?

Soap! We all need it and use it. So many varieties to choose from. Hard soap, soft soap, scented and unscented. Glycerin based or goat’s milk. How about a moisturizing antibacterial? From soap d…

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How to Refill a Commercial Soap Dispenser

Commercial soap dispensers are just about anywhere you would go where there is a public restroom. You find them in retail stores, hotel lobbies, grocery stores, churches, etc. all with varying levels …

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How Automatic Toilet Paper Dispensers Work

Toilet paper is one of life’s greatest necessities in the modern world. In the past, people would use discarded newspapers to do the same job that we used toilet paper for today. And there conti…

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